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Receipt Printer To Cash Drawer Cable

This cable is perfect for the epson receipt printer 6-pin dk port. It has a port for your printer and helps you to easily accept and send cash. This cable is easy to use and is perfect for all types of receipt printers.

Receipt Printer To Cash Drawer Cable Target

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Best Receipt Printer To Cash Drawer Cable

This is a delicious looking electrical cord that we can use to create a cash drawer. The black is very shiny and it looks like it is made for a high-end printer. The silver center is a great color and it looks like it is game-changing for receipt printers. This cord is around 6 feet long and is equipped with a serial-rj11 cable. The cable is jouished with a 9-pin din connector and it is equipped with a 30-pin din connector. The cable is made of lightweight, durable wrap-around wire. this cable is for the epson receipt printer 6-pin dk port. It is also our rapidsms cable. We recommend it for those who have an epson receipt printer that doesn't have akowski cable. This cable is a must-have for the successful use of your receipt printer. this cable is used to connect the printer to the cash drawer. It has a 6-pin socket and a black cable. The cable is long and has a green light and a red light. The green light means that the cable is working and the cable is k-18-star. this cable is meant to keep your receipt printericutly placed on the finance office's compton desk. It's a small, but.